Science & Expertise

The Science Behind Our Brand 

To deliver the highest quality, safest feeds available, we rely on scientific knowledge regarding equine nutrition. Your horse deserves a nutritionally complete feed. It’s an important component to a healthy, happy life.

A meticulous approach to our formulations allows us to create solution-focused products. Each specifically addresses the unique needs of different breeds, stages of life and levels of activity.


Equine Nutrition Experts.

We have a long-standing partnership with the WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition. WALTHAM has pioneered some of the most important breakthroughs in pet nutrition research. Alongside this support from WALTHAM, BUCKEYE Nutrition employs equine nutritionists who ensure that we provide the optimal diet for your horse.

Our nutritionists are not just immersed in the science of horses, they’re horse people too. Because they bring their own experience as horse owners to their jobs, they have a deep understanding of how the right feed affects health and wellbeing.


Science at the Mill.

BUCKEYE Nutrition has multiple technologies available within our mill to produce pellets, textured feeds and extruded products as well as handle fat application and delivery of live probiotics. Various nutrient delivery methods allow us to best address particular issues. Having it all under one roof means tighter control of quality and safety.

We’re constantly working to bring targeted nutrition to your horse. See all of our scientifically formulated, solution-based feeds.

At BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, we combine science, innovation and a passion for horses to produce optimized, solution-based feeds.

Our in-house equine nutritionists are professional animal scientists with doctorates and other advanced degrees and a wealth of equine-specific experience. They are responsible for product innovation, research, nutritional consultation, formulations and customer care.

The right feed for your horse.

Finding the right feed for your horse is what drives us to develop formulations that tailor to the diverse requirements of different breeds and horse types.

We offer targeted solutions, including:

These are just a few of the BUCKEYE Nutrition products we offer. Use our Feed Selector to find the right feed for your horse.