Guaranteed Traceability

What goes into our horse feeds and supplements is important. Our science-based formulations ensure delivery of a precise balance of the right nutrients. Having pure, exclusively sourced ingredients is the foundation.


We promise 100 percent traceability.

With BUCKEYE Nutrition, you know where your horse’s feed and supplements come from – and that we have inspected ingredients for safety and quality.

This is our 100 percent traceability promise: we use select, certified suppliers only. We know the source of every scoop of corn, oats or soybeans.


We set high standards.

Our ingredients must be compliant with our nutrient specifications and stringent quality expectations.

When a truckload arrives at our plant, BUCKEYE Nutrition samples, tests and checks for anything that would not meet our strict quality standards, such as mycotoxins and foreign materials. If a product does not meet our strict quality standards, we reject the load.

We use only fixed formulations, so you’re assured not only of the quality and safety but the consistency of your horse’s feed. 

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medicine-Free Facility

All Buckeye Nutrition brand feeds and supplements are milled at our 100 percent medicine-free facility in Dalton, Ohio.

Cross-contamination is an important issue for horse owners and equine enthusiasts. Many plants mill both horse feed and other animal products, such as cattle or poultry feed. This is where cross contamination can take place. Ionophores or antibiotics can be beneficial for cattle, poultry or other livestock, but not for horses. The antibiotic monensin is highly toxic to horses.

We do not manufacture any feed with medication. That means there are no antibiotics, ionophores or other medicines in the facility, so we eliminate the risk of cross contamination from production of medicated feeds.



At Buckeye Nutrition, we hold ourselves to higher standards, so you have peace of mind. We proudly maintain global certifications for quality.

We are 100 percent equine focused. Combined with our 100 percent traceable ingredients, this means optimal nutritional formulation and delivery with zero risk of cross contamination from monensin.

If you are looking for an ionophore-free, monensin-free and antibiotic-free feed, Buckeye Nutrition has it. 

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