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Monty on EQ8 Performance

My horse Monty loved eating this! I thought it smelled fantastic as well. Definitely noticed Monty was at a great energy level, and always felt supple and great after intense jumping sessions.

- Heather Terdan, Ohio

Fixler Farm uses GRO 'N WIN to Combat Laminitis

"Last year, we were introduced to GRO 'N WIN after acquiring a mare that had laminitis in the past. Through the process of learning more about the BUCKEYE feeds from our local rep and talking with our veterinarian, we have changed our entire feeding program."

- Fixler Farm, Ohio

Buckeye Nutrition is Easy on Horse's Stomach

"I have to say, everyone really pushes Tribute but I LOVE BUCKEYE. It's all I'll feed. My horses look great and I feel it's way easier on their stomachs than other feeds. Here's a picture I took just 30ish days apart. I feed him BUCKEYE Safe 'N Easy Performance"

- Cally S., West Virginia

Transformation Tuesday

"Little Transformation Tuesday for you! Buckeye has to be hands down the best feed I have ever fed. Not only does Jesse look great but the other four look awsome too, even the 20 year olds!"

- Jessica

Irish Draught Stallion Raised On Buckeye Nutrition

"My young Irish Draught stallion, Amhrán, was raised on Buckeye Gro 'N Win. We received many compliments on his condition and his shiny coat at his stallion inspection last fall. All of my horses, from youngsters to teens, are doing very well on Gro 'N Win, and they also love Buckeye treats (and I like that the treats have no added sugar)."

- Yvette and Amhran

Buckeye Nutrition Helps Turn Around Stetson's Life

"Look how good this horse looks! As many of you know Stetson has basically been a train wreck on and off for the last year and a half. We finally got it all turned around and he is healthy, sound, acting and looking like he should. A big high 5 to BUCKEYE Nutrition for the quality feeds you provide our program."

- C.J., KS

Event Level Horses Love EQ8 from Buckeye Nutrition

"We love Buckeye's EQ8! It keeps our upper level event horses in great condition. These guys are traditionally hard keepers, finicky eaters, and in a tough work load. They LOVE the EQ8, always cleaning up their breakfasts and they positively glow. Thanks Buckeye for a great product!"

- Megan Moore, KY

Orion is happy with Buckeye EQ8

"I am so happy with the BUCKEYE EQ8 I feed my horse. Orion has been eating it for over a year and the change in him is remarkable."

- Cathy Stauffer, FL

EQ8 Senior helps Buck look great

Meet Buck! Buck is a 29 year old Quarter Horse gelding owned by Russell and Krista Lea. Buck was having trouble keeping his topline and overall weight. With EQ8 Senior and some management changes, Buck is doing great and looking phenomenal for his age!

- Russell & Krista Lea

Pooh Bear is in great condition after living under a bridge

We love this story-meet Pooh Bear! Pooh Bear, a 30 year old ex-carriage horse, was found living under a bridge in very poor body condition. Now, Pooh Bear has a happy home and looks great on EQ8 Senior and Ultimate Finish.

- Buckeye Nutrition

OLA maintains weight & is still energized after competition

Meet OLA Loki and owner Bonnie! Loki is insulin resistant, but still competed 665 miles in competitive trail, endurance and limited distance endurance to win the regional championship, Part Arab championship, the Charles Phillips Versatility award and the AHDRA versatility award.

"While he is competing, Loki gets Cadence, which he LOVES, and GRO 'N WIN. He was able to maintain his weight and remain full of energy even after three days in a row of competing and going week after week. When he is not competing he just gets GRO 'N WIN. Thanks you for taking the time to do the research and produce great products for the performance horse."

- Bonnie

BUCKEYE™ Makes Generous Donation

"It was three years ago today that BUCKEYE™ generously gave more than 200 bags of feed to the people and rescue organizations that helped me find homes for over 52 thoroughbreds that were destined for auction. Janice Lavrich who was a BUCKEYE™ dealer helped arrange for several of the people and rescues who took over five horses each to be the beneficiary of the free feed.

I didn't know how to thank them and neither did the people who received the help. So three years later I am still writing to tell everyone how GREAT this company is. As we all know, feeding over five horses that are newly acquired is a major expense and thanks to BUCKEYE™, they got a great start in life at their new homes. May the gods who look over our majestic animals smile today as some of those horses turned out to be champion jumpers and winning racehorses as well as just family pets. Bless you BUCKEYE™!"

- Lynn Boggs, OH

Simon the Painter Loves Peppermint Treats

"I've been clicker training my Haflinger horse, Simon, and have taught him many tricks. He picks up my crop and "hands" it to me, picks up his dish for treats, plays basketball, holds signs, and the latest is painting (he holds the brush between his teeth). The main reward I use is your BUCKEYE™ Peppermint Treats. They're the perfect size and he loves them."

- Karen Laude, MA