Balanced Nutrition Solutions Guide

What is a Buckeye Nutritional Unit (BNU)?

A BNU is a measurement to ensure your horse is getting the proper balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The BNU conversion will ensure you are delivering the correct amount of essential nutrients just as if you were feeding GRO ‘N WIN™ alone or by itself.

Five pounds of SAFE ‘N EASY™ will deliver the same amount of nutrients in one pound of GRO ‘N WIN™. The BNU conversion is 5 to 1.

BNU Conversions

Product LB Per BNU
GRO ’N WIN™  1.0
GRO ’N WIN™ Alfa  1.0
EQ8™ Gut Health  3.0
EQ8™ Senior  3.0
Growth Pelleted  3.0
Growth Sweet  3.0
SAFE ‘N EASY™ Pellet  5.0
SAFE ‘N EASY™ Textured  5.0
Pleasure Pellet  5.0
Pleasure Sweet  5.0
SAFE ‘N EASY™ Performance  3.0
CADENCE™ Ultra  3.0
RACE ’N WIN™  4.0
SUPREME™ 14  4.0

Determine Your Horse’s Daily BNUs:

1) Determine the age and life stage of your horse (growing, reproductive status or performance level). This can be found along the bottom of the Buckeye Nutritional Unit Chart.

2) Determine the current body weight of your horse using a scale or a weight tape.

3) Use the age and life stage along with the current body weight to plot the location on the Buckeye Nutritional Unit Chart with a dot for each horse. The corresponding number refers to the minimum number of BNUs necessary to feed per day.

4) If more calories are needed, gradually increase the amount of your BUCKEYE Nutrition horse feed and/or add ULTIMATE FINISH™ until the desired body condition is reached.

Buckeye Nutritional Unit ChartClick to Download