Consistency & Quality Assurance

Formulation Consistency

Horses are powerful animals with delicate digestive systems. Regulated nutrition is important to maintaining their health.

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition ingredients are fixed for quality you can trust. While other brands change their ingredients based on grain prices, BUCKEYE Nutrition remains consistent. We use the same premium blend in every bag.

Quality Control.

Because BUCKEYE Nutrition manufactures all our feeds from one family owned location, we have total control over the final product. We only use certified suppliers and sample and test our ingredients for guaranteed traceability. We maintain LRQA certification.

Bag-to-Bag Consistency.

All of the ingredients in our feeds are printed right on the bag, so you know exactly what you’re getting. With fixed formulations, this ingredient list never changes. No matter where you live or when you purchase our feeds, you can be confident your horse is eating the same blend you know and trust.


Horse owners worry about cross-contamination issues through antibiotics or ionophores. We mill all BUCKEYE Nutrition feeds in a single, medicine-free facility. There’s no risk of mycotoxin or any ingredient that isn’t safe for your horse.

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