Q:  I was told to put my 6-year-old horse on GRO 'N WIN™. I see that you have two different kinds. The protein percentages are quite different. How do I choose?

A:  If you are feeding a legume forage or a forage that is >75% alfalfa, choose the GRO 'N WIN™ Alfa formula. If you are feeding a grass or grass/mixed-type forage, choose the original GRO 'N WIN™.

Q:  I have three Rocky Mountain horses and have always fed them GRO 'N WIN™. They get 8 ounces each twice a day. My horses are 3, 4 and 7 years old and all do moderate exercise.  Grass is plentiful and both farrier and vet says they are too heavy. Most people think they shouldn’t get any grain. I have always loved GRO 'N WIN™ and hesitate to completely take them off? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

A:  GRO 'N WIN™ is an excellent choice for your horses. It supplies the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need in a low calorie, low starch and sugar formula. Since forage is the primary calorie source for your horses, limiting forage intake by utilizing grazing muzzles may help to decrease excess calories while still ensuring your horses have at least 1% of their body weight in forage (hay or pasture).

Q:  I have an 18-year-old Quarter Horse mare. She was a show horse for a few years, but is now a pasture ornament! She recently colicked for the first time. While the vet was here, she suggested the mare lose about 100 lbs. The vet suggested I only feed her GRO 'N WIN™. I have no idea how much to give her. Can you please help me? The mare weighs about 1,000 lbs.

A:  For a 1000-lb mare in maintenance or low work, you should feed about 1.0-1.5 lbs per day.

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