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BUCKEYE® Nutrition partners with the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center

January 31, 2017

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BUCKEYE® Nutrition has partnered with the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, an internationally recognized equine research facility, to continue support of research dedicated to advancing the science of horse nutrition, specifically in the areas of obesity, laminitis and the senior horse.  By collaborating with key research institutes and universities around the world, BUCKEYE® Nutrition continues to set the bar for nutritional innovation and science-based solutions.

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Risk Factors For Fecal Water Syndrome

October 10, 2016

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Fecal water syndrome (FWS) is characterized by normal feces with the addition of fecal water running out of the anus before, during or after defecation. Although the exact reason is unknown, horse owners continue to express concern for the health and well-being of animals affected by FWS.

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2016 WALTHAM®-BUCKEYE® Nutrition Equine Grant

February 25, 2016

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BUCKEYE® Nutrition and WALTHAM®, a leading scientific authority on the nutrition and health of companion animals, are together offering the WALTHAM®-BUCKEYE® Nutrition Equine Research Grant, up to a total of $20,000 per annum –which may be awarded to one project or split between several.

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