Elisa Wallace Eventing

Elisa Wallace at Rolex Kentucky in stable with horseElisa Wallace is a 4 star three-day eventer and mustang advocate based out of Jasper, GA. Driven not by what she does, but rather by why she does it, Wallace is highly motivated to represent the United States of America in international competition, and to raise awareness about the thousands of American Mustangs currently in BLM holding facilities, and their potential as athletes in the sport of three-day eventing.

“It is important to me that what I feed my horses is backed by state-of-the-art research, and is guaranteed ionophore-free. I need to have peace of mind, and I need to have confidence in the products that I recommend to others, so I am delighted that BUCKEYE Nutrition feeds are manufactured in dedicated equine facilities – I will not settle for anything less. BUCKEYE Nutrition feeds are highly palatable, and allow me to cater to the specific needs of my entire team, from my mustangs to my high performance three-day event horses. Since feeding BUCKEYE Nutrition products, I regularly receive praise for the health of my horses, and I am excited about entering into what is certain to be a long-lasting relationship in pursuit of a common goal: happy and healthy horses." 

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