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Laminitics and Losing Weight

June 22, 2023

Tags: digestive health, Feed, forage, formula, horse diet, horse nutrition, laminitis, Nutrition, safe n easy, weight loss, winter,

While equine obesity is a growing problem that comes with a host of health and welfare implications, let’s not forget that not every horse is a good doer, and this includes some laminitics.

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Nutrition Nuggets-Bran Mashes

November 28, 2018

Tags: horse, horses, equine, pony, horse feed, equine feed, equine nutrition, equine dedicated, horse nutrition, med free, single mill, bran mashes, winter, nutrition nuggets, buckeye nutrition,

Do you feed your horse or pony a warm bran mash on cold winter days? Our Senior Nutrition Manager, Dr. Nettie Liburt, explains why feeding bran mashes in the cold, winter months might not be beneficial to your horse's digestive system and overall diet.

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