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Look Out for Laminitis

June 22, 2023

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While laminitis can strike in any season, a ‘flush’ of rapid grass growth makes spring a high-risk time. Being able to spot the signs of an attack early maximizes your horse’s chance of recovery so it pays to be vigilant, especially as subtle signs such as slight reluctance to turn or shortening of stride can be easily missed.

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How Does Breed, Diet & Obesity Affect Insulin Sensitivity?

July 18, 2017

Tags: buckeye nutrition, insulin sensitivity, breeds, obesity, nutrition,

Insulin dysregulation and obesity can increase the risk of horses and ponies developing pasture-associated laminitis, but this can also occur in non-obese animals. Therefore, researchers in Australia in collaboration with WALTHAM® examined if diet, obesity and breed may play a role in a horse or pony’s insulin sensitivity.

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Proper Fitting & Use of Grazing Muzzles

July 5, 2016

Tags: buckeye nutrition, grazing muzzles, pasture, obesity, horse, laminitis,

Limiting pasture intake is recommended for obese horses and ponies and those at risk for laminitis.  This can be difficult to do if horses have access to pasture full-time or when, for example, stabling is not an option.  Grazing muzzles are a valuable tool to limit pasture intake in horses and ponies and, when properly used, can help to limit pasture intake in those that are obese or prone to obesity with access to pasture.

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