The ULTIMATE COMBINATION for a total balanced diet

ultimate combination

ULTIMATE Combination

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Let's face it-feeding time can be complicated and costly when feeding several different types of horses. But it doesn't have to be. With GRO 'N WIN™ and ULTIMATE FINISH™ 25, you can rest assured that all of your horses are receiving the nutrients they need when paired with good quality forage. Whether it be a young, growing horse, broodmare or performance horse, this pair will work for almost all ages and stages.

What is GRO ‘N WIN?
GRO N WIN is a highly fortified ration balancer designed to complement a horse or pony’s forage-based diet for daily vitamin, mineral and protein (amino acid) needs, in a low-calorie, low-NSC form. Think of it as a multi-vitamin like a human would take! GRO ‘N WIN supplies vitamins, minerals and protein commonly lacking in most forages, either grass type or mixed. GRO ‘N WIN also provides essential amino acids to support topline and muscle, and is low in starch, sugar, and calories.

ULTIMATE FINISH 25 is a calorie dense, 25% high-fat supplement designed to be top-dressed in small amounts to help increase the energy in a horse’s diet. ULTIMATE FINISH 25 contains digestible fat from flaxseed, rice bran and soybeans. It helps to promote a brilliant skin and coat condition, supports healthy weight and body condition for training, competition, conditioning, and sales prep. ULTIMATE FINISH 25 is balanced in protein, minerals and vitamins to complement the total diet and provides a slow, steady energy release from fat digestion to help reduce excitability.

Easy to use and cost effective, these two products along with a good quality hay or pasture can be the only essentials your horse needs for a total balanced diet. A horse’s digestive system is made to hold small quantities of food. Large grain meals can lead to changes in the microbial population in the hindgut, increasing the incidence for digestive disturbances, including colic, diarrhea, and laminitis. GRO ’N WIN and ULTIMATE FINISH 25 are designed to be fed at lower amounts per day, allowing a more natural way for your horse to eat. GRO ‘N WIN fills the nutrient gaps in your horse’s forage-based diet, while ULTIMATE FINISH 25 increases the calories in your horse’s diet for those horses that are not able to maintain an ideal weight on forage alone.


The ULTIMATE COMBINATION for a total balanced diet.