EQ8™ Gut Health Feeds Are Now Formulated with Well-Gut Ingredients

EQ8™ Performance is added to the lineup of EQ8 feeds

EQ8™ Performance, an extruded gut health feed for performance horses, is the newest feed from BUCKEYE™ Nutrition. EQ8 Gut Health, a multi-textured feed for mature horses, and EQ8 Senior, a multi-textured feed for senior horses, are due to roll out in July. 

The entire EQ8™ lineup is now formulated with Well-Gut ingredients:

  • Marine-sourced calcium (calcite) plus reduced starch
  • Heat-stabilized yeast and super fibers
  • Tailored blend of active live probiotics

Focusing on total digestive health, we are the first to formulate feeds with Well-Gut ingredients and the first in the industry to find evidence to support calcite as a hindgut buffer in horses.

Calcite, a marine-sourced calcium, provides gastric and hindgut support by neutralizing pH. The reduced-starch formula is proven to help prolong management of gastric ulcers after medicinal treatment. Prebiotics, delivered by heat-stabilized yeast and superfibers, are essential to support a healthy equine microbiome. And lastly, a tailored blend of active live probiotics provides bacterial species shown to be present in normal, healthy horses.

“Research has shown that calcite, a marine-sourced calcium, heat-stabilized yeast and active live probiotics – all three part of our Well-Gut ingredient profile – help support digestive health balance,” said Nettie Liburt, PhD, PAS, Senior Equine Nutrition Manager working on the BUCKEYE Nutrition brand. “As we continue to understand more about gut health, it’s becoming even more evident that ingredients provided by Well-Gut play a major role in the overall health of the horse.”

In addition to the exclusive Well-Gut ingredients, the EQ8 lineup helps support topline and muscle condition, is fortified with GRO ‘N WIN™ amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, and contains Omega-3 fatty acids to support joint health. Extrusion allows for maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption. And, at 20% NSC (starch + sugar), the EQ8 feeds help support metabolism.

As a 100 percent equine-focused company, with products made from 100 percent pure, traceable ingredients from a 100 percent med-free mill, we are proud to introduce EQ8 Performance and the all-new line up of EQ8 Gut Health feeds. EQ8 Performance is available now, and all-new formulations of EQ8 Gut Health and EQ8 Senior are available in July. Find your local BUCKEYE Nutrition dealer or online retailer.