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Keep It Simple With SAFE 'N EASY™

March 4, 2020

Tags: horse, ponies, horses, pony, safe n easy, low nsc, easy keepers, metabolic conditions, picky eaters, hard keepers, performance horse, senior horse,

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition’s SAFE ‘N EASY™ line of feeds were expertly formulated by our nutrition team to meet the needs of horses needing a low sugar and starch diet.

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How Effective Are Grazing Muzzles in Reducing Pasture Intake?

April 1, 2016

Tags: buckeye nutrition, grazing muzzle, ponies, horses, horse feed,

Limiting pasture intake is recommended for obese horses and ponies, especially those at risk for laminitis.  This can be difficult to do if horses have access to pasture full-time or when, for example, stabling is not an option.  Using grazing muzzles has been recommended but how much of an effect do grazing muzzles really have on reducing pasture intake in horses?

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Does Breed Affect Insulin Dynamics?

February 12, 2016

Tags: Nutrition, horse, buckeye nutrition, ponies, insulin,

Being obese and/or having abnormal insulin responses (insulin dysregulation or ID) is thought to increase the risk of laminitis.  Obesity is often associated with ID in certain breeds, but are there breed differences in insulin responses regardless of body condition? In this study, researchers at the University of Melbourne, Australia investigated whether breed contributes to ID in non-obese horses.

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