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Equine distractions during social distancing

March 25, 2020

Tags: horse, buckeye nutrition, horses, horse nutrition, social distancing, learning, education,

Hunkered down at home? We've compiled this great list of activities you can easily do from the comfort of your couch. Whether you're in the mood for learning something new or simply being entertained, there's a little something for everyone. Enjoy!

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Probiotics May Help Support Digestive System of Horses

September 12, 2019

Tags: horse, buckeye nutrition, equine, horses, horse feed, equine nutrition, horse nutrition, horse diet, digestive health, probiotics,

Reproduction, performance, schedule changes, travel ­— all can affect a horse’s delicate digestive system. If gut health is an issue for your horse, or if your horse experiences regular stress, adding a probiotic may help support digestion.

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The best ways to feed a senior horse with dental issues

August 30, 2019

Tags: horse, buckeye nutrition, equine, horses, horse feed, horse nutrition, horse diet, senior,

As your horse ages, he can experience dental issues. This can affect what and how they eat and could contribute to a loss of body condition. We’ll discuss signs of dental trouble and give you some suggestions for various feeding choices to help your senior horse’s health and performance.

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Got nutrients? Why you should add a ration balancer to your horse’s diet

August 13, 2019

Tags: horse, buckeye nutrition, equine, horses, horse feed, horse nutrition, horse diet, ration balancer,

Adding a ration balancer to your horse’s diet helps them get essential nutrients that may be missing from their forage. It’s also great for easy keepers that require limited calories. Ration balancers help ensure a well-rounded diet, important for growth, performance, reproduction and more.

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Nutrition Nuggets-Gastric Ulcers

January 20, 2019

Tags: horse, buckeye nutrition, equine, horses, horse feed, gastric ulcers, equine nutrition, pony, single mill, horse nutrition, nutrition nuggets, med free, ulcers,

Let's start 2019 off on the right foot with Nutrition Nuggets! Our own Dr. Nettie Liburt explains all about gastric ulcers, and how nutrition plays a role in managing the risks for ulcers.

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Nutrition Nuggets-Bran Mashes

November 28, 2018

Tags: horse, horses, equine, pony, horse feed, equine feed, equine nutrition, equine dedicated, horse nutrition, med free, single mill, bran mashes, winter, nutrition nuggets, buckeye nutrition,

Do you feed your horse or pony a warm bran mash on cold winter days? Our Senior Nutrition Manager, Dr. Nettie Liburt, explains why feeding bran mashes in the cold, winter months might not be beneficial to your horse's digestive system and overall diet.

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Nutrition Nuggets-100% Med-Free Mill

March 31, 2018

Tags: horse, buckeye nutrition, equine, horses, horse feed, equine nutrition, pony, med-free, single mill, horse nutrition, ionophores, safe feed,

Dr. Nettie Liburt brings us great information with her Nutrition Nuggets. In this episode, Dr. Nettie talks about our single mill in Dalton, Ohio and why being 100% medication-free (including ionophores) and is so important to us, as well as the health and well-being of your horse or pony.

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The Facts About Protein

August 18, 2017

Tags: Feed, horse, buckeye nutrition, equine, horse feed, equine feed, protein, amino acids,

Protein is important for more than just muscle building. Protein is a component of most tissues in the body, and is essential for cell structure, the immune system, transport of oxygen and minerals in the blood, enzyme activity and many other biological functions.

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New research confirms that diet can help manage gastric ulcer syndrome

August 10, 2017

Tags: spillers, buckeye nutrition, gastric ulcers, feed, horse feed, equine nutrition, equine,

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) can affect any horse. It can cause discomfort and may have a detrimental effect on behaviour and performance but new research has confirmed that a suitable diet can help to manage the condition, especially after veterinary treatment is stopped.

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How Does Breed, Diet & Obesity Affect Insulin Sensitivity?

July 18, 2017

Tags: buckeye nutrition, insulin sensitivity, breeds, obesity, nutrition,

Insulin dysregulation and obesity can increase the risk of horses and ponies developing pasture-associated laminitis, but this can also occur in non-obese animals. Therefore, researchers in Australia in collaboration with WALTHAM® examined if diet, obesity and breed may play a role in a horse or pony’s insulin sensitivity.

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