The Ultimate Combination

GRO 'N WIN® and ULTIMATE FINISH®:  The Ultimate Combination for a balanced diet. 

Let's face it-feeding time can be complicated and costly when feeding several different types of horses.  But it doesn't have to be.  With GRO 'N WIN® and ULTIMATE FINISH®, you can rest assure that all of your horses are receiving the nutrients they need when paired with good quality forage.  Whether it be a young, growing horse, broodmare or performance horse, this pair will work for almost all ages and stages. 

The low daily feeding rate makes this combination lower in cost, too. Let's say you have a trail riding horse around 1,200 pounds.  With GRO 'N WIN® and ULTIMATE FINISH®, here would be your feeding rates and cost per day:

Feed Lbs per day Cost per lb Total $ per day
GRO 'N WIN® 1.75 lbs $0.58 $1.02
ULTIMATE FINISH® 0.5 lbs $0.91 $0.45
TOTAL COST     $1.47


Now, let's compare that to our Pleasure Pelleted feed for the same horse:

Feed Lbs per day Cost per lb Total $ per day
Pleasure Pelleted 9 lbs $0.28 $2.52

*Cost per day will vary depending on feeding rate and individual product costs.


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